Iron/FallOut Remover & Clay Lube

Iron/FallOut Remover & Clay Lube


Ready To Use, No Mix Needed

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Iron/FallOut is an Acid-Free, pH-balanced Iron Remover

  • Decontaminates Auto Paint and Wheels.
  • Iron/Fallout Remover prevents the spread of iron-related damage to protect your vehicle from paint system failure.
  • Iron/Fallout Remover is excellent on automotive paint and safely cleans clear coats.
  • Brake dust contains high levels of Iron and can quickly pit clear coated wheels.
  • Iron/Fallout easily removes ferrous brake dust to protect your wheels from further damage.
  • Iron/Fallout is highly recommended for all clear coated alloy wheels.
  • Iron/Fallout Remover is a clear solution that turns purple when it comes into contact with iron particles
  • Save Product by Spraying Small Amount on ClayBar Mitt as you clean while car is Foamed!

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