Orange Oil (Concentrated)

Orange Oil (Concentrated)


(5:1) or 10:1 that’s just 2.9oz of Chemical per 32oz… That’s 22 Spray Bottles!!!

Most Pleasant Scented Orange Oil, Cigarette Smell Destroyer!!

Best Additive to Chief Steamer 125 & 155 Solution Tanks!!

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  •  Orange Oil Degreaser Concentrated Citrus (5:1 or 10:1) all purpose cleaner safe and effective to clean many different interior and exterior surfaces!
  • Orange Oil can be used to clean dirt, grease, and grime on plastic, cloth, vinyl, metal, leather, carpet and more!
  • Orange Oil Removes oil build up on the highest touch point surfaces without any residue or stains.
  • USE IT WHERE YOU CAN … This degreaser is perfect for the dirty areas that need a little more attention than a simple cleaner can clean without needing to get a heavy duty commercial grade degreaser.

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64oz, 1gal


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