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Detail Packages

Prices below are for Cars, Coupes & Sedans


  • Interior Detail Services

  • Remove/Bag All Items
  • Drill Brush Upholstery/Carpet/Floor Mats
  • First Vacuum Pass
  • Clean All Plastic/Vinyl Surfaces Cupholders,
    Door Pockets, Vents & Empty Compartments
  • Condition All Plastic/Vinyl Surfaces*
  • Shampoo Carpet/Upholstery**
  • Horsehair Brush to Shampoo Leather Seats
  • Clean Surface Deep Headliner Stains
  • Final Vacuum Pass
  • All Windows & Edges/Tips Cleaned, No Windex!
  • Paper Floor Mats & Ozium Fragrance
  • Exterior Detail Services

  • Degrease Rims & Wheel Wells
  • Pro-Blend Hi-Gloss & Wax Soap
  • Engine Area Wipe Down
  • Rinse and Wipe dry exterior
  • Apply Wax Infused W/Sealant
  • Tire Shine For Wheels
  • Rain X Applied to Every Window
  • Completely Remove Wax
  • Spray Wax Touch-Up If Needed
  • Inspect Entire Vehicle for Quality Assurance

Grand Slam

  • Complete Full Detail Service Included
  • Single Pass Deep Gloss Polish Removes…
  • • Paint Defects Caused @ Local Car Wash
  • • Light/Medium Scratches
  • • Moderate Swirls & Holograms
  • • Water Spots
  • Apply Ceramic Spray Sealant (Reload)
  • Apply “Solution Finish” To Restore Faded Trim
  • Polish All Visible Chrome
  • Apply Ragtop/Convertible Protectant
  • Touch Up and/or Restore Headlights


  • Interior Detail Services

  • Remove/Bag All Items
  • Wipe Down Only, All Plastic/Vinyl Surfaces....
  • • Cupholders, Door Pockets,
  • • Vents, & Empty Compartments
  • Clean All Interior Windows
  • Exterior Detail Services

  • Remove Bugs From Entire Front of Vehicle
  • Degrease and Clean Tires, Wheel Wells & Rims
  • Remove Moderate Tar & Paint from Vehicle Skirt
  • Wet, Degrease, and Agitate All Doors & Trunk Jams
  • Pre-Rinse Vehicle Followed By Foam Cannon
  • 2-Bucket Wash w/Clay Mitt Top to Bottom
  • Rinse Vehicle, Apply Slow Dry While Wet
  • Dry With Pluffle Absorption Towels
  • Apply Spray Wax
  • Apply Tire Shine
  • Clean Windows
  • *Not recommended for soiled or excessively dirty vehicles
  • **Add’l Fees May Apply
  • (Tolls, Mileage, Stains, Pet Hair, Clutter, Smokers Car Fee)

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