Motorcycle Detailing

Motorcycles, Scooter, ATV, UTZ, Golf Cart, SnowMobile

Motorcycle Detailing Packages

Motorcycle Detailing

Polish & Protect

$225/No Tax
  • Complete Exterior Wash: Thorough cleansing to remove dirt, grime, and surface contaminants.
  • Thorough Wash: Comprehensive cleaning to remove dirt, grime, and contaminants.
  • Clay Treatment for Painted Surfaces: Application of clay treatment to eliminate harmful contaminants and ensure a smooth finish.
  • Clean and Degrease Wheels and Tires: Removal of grime and application of a degreaser for spotless wheels and tires.
  • Hand Dry with Microfiber Towels: Gentle hand-drying using microfiber towels to prevent scratches.
  • Chrome and Metal Polishing: Detailing and polishing of chrome and metal components for a brilliant shine.
  • Hand Application of High-Quality Wax: Precise hand application of premium wax to protect and enhance all painted surfaces.
  • Clean and Dress Plastics: Special attention to cleaning and dressing plastic components for a polished look.
  • Clean Leather or Vinyl Seat: Thorough cleaning of leather or vinyl seats for a refreshed appearance.
  • Condition Leather and Vinyl: Application of a conditioning treatment to maintain the suppleness of leather or vinyl.
  • Clean Windshield: Careful cleaning of the windshield for clear visibility during rides.

Motorcycle Ceramic Coating

3-5 Yr. Coating

$475/No Tax
  • Thorough Wash: Comprehensive cleaning to remove dirt, grime, and contaminants.
  • Surface Decontamination: Application of iron fallout remover and clay bar treatment for a smooth finish.
  • Paint Correction: Single-stage machine polishing to eliminate minor swirls and imperfections.
  • Ceramic Coating Application: High-quality ceramic coating for durable and long-lasting protection. 3-5 Yr. Coating
  • Wheel Coating: Specialized ceramic coating for wheels to guard against brake dust and road debris. 3-5 Yr. Coating
  • Metal and Chrome Polishing: Detailing and polishing of metal and chrome components for a brilliant shine. 3-5 Yr. Coating Metal Ceramic Application
  • Headlight Restoration: Renewal of headlights for improved visibility and aesthetics.
  • Plastic Trim Enhancement: Application of a solution to restore and protect faded plastic trims.
  • Glass Coating: Hydrophobic ceramic coating for windshields and mirrors, enhancing visibility in various conditions.
  • Final Inspection: Thorough inspection to ensure a flawless finish and customer satisfaction.

On-Site: Motorcycle Detailing

Experienced Riders

Kawasaki, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki

“Explore Sporties Motorcycle Detailing, where riders understand riders! With over a decade of experience on my GSXR, I appreciate that motorcycle detailing is an art beyond the surface. Our process is meticulously crafted for motorcycles, using specialized tools and polishes for an unparalleled shine. We acknowledge the unique intricacies of bike detailing, approaching it with the passion it deserves.

Our arsenal includes 1-3-5 inch foam and wool pads, ensuring no detail is overlooked. We take pride in top-quality All Metal Polishing, preventing rust, providing hydrophobic effects, and simplifying future maintenance.

Serving Philadelphia, West Chester, Cherry Hill, and South Jersey, Sporties brings you the finest motorcycle detailing experience. Discover the Sporties difference — where your ride receives the care and expertise it deserves.”

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