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Michael Esposito
Michael Esposito
December 15, 2023
Very professional. Jeffrey definitely took his work seriously. I’m very happy with the job. Mickey.
Aileen Wilcox
Aileen Wilcox
December 6, 2023
My car feels and looks amazing! It’s like having a brand new car! All the luxury feeling I felt when I bought it Thank you Sporties! Jeff is the Best!
Alexandra Vitale
Alexandra Vitale
November 30, 2023
My car looks brand new!! Sporties did an amazing job as always!
November 27, 2023
I have been going to Jeffrey for over five years, as always he does and amazing and thorough job, he is punctual and consistent I would recommend him to anyone. He recently did an amazing job on my car with needed some serious hood and bumber work and it now looks brand new(I was hit on I 95 with a giant bumper) He is the best!
Kurt Prough
Kurt Prough
November 25, 2023
Excellent exterior detail and ceramic spray coating for the winter
November 11, 2023
Excellent job. The guys were awesome, they did a neat job. I love the out come. My car looks new now and refreshing

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Why Ceramic Coat Your Vehicle?

  • Increased Gloss To Your Paint
  • Lasts YEARS
  • Extremely Hydrophobic
  • Easier to Wash
  • Easy Maintenance
  • 9H Hardness
  • No longer have to spend time waxing every month


  • Is ceramic coating good for my vehicle?
  • How long does ceramic coating last?
  • Is ceramic coating on a vehicle worth it?

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