Other Detailing

We Come To You!

You can choose one or a combination of our services


2 Step Protection w/Polymer Sealant topped w/Ceramic Spray

Max protection when you purchase this package with our Standard Detail Package
Also upgrade the Protection within your Full Detail Package


Bay Area Degreased, rinsed, and dressed.
(Ideal when selling Any vehicle)


No need for you to do it,
Steamed safely & Disinfected
(No chemicals)

$20 each

Remove and vacuum pet hair.


Does your Pet shed everywhere?
If that furry creature has left a trail,
No worries well take care of it.



With this well-known brand, we offer front Windshield & Rear window Anti-Fog Treatment
Classic Rain X Repel to all Exterior glass


Keep it simple, add this service to any Interior Detailing packages.


All interior items steamed, (the absolute most effective way)
To sanitize vehicle and remove 99% of germs and vehicles.
Also ending with 5-15 min of Ozone Generator for maximum Interior sanitization.
Also Recommended for “Smoker’s Car”


Restore Front Headlights to Original look
This restoration will improve clarity, no need to
purchase replacement lights.


Have you found the wrong spot to find shade under?
Don’t wait too long, Sap can ruin the paint.